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House Maids Cleaning Service in Pembroke Pines

We just have to come out and say this, getting maid house cleaning services in Pembroke Pines is not something that is just reserved for the rich anymore. Anyone can have a need for a maid. Most people don’t really enjoy cleaning, but they want to have a clean house. We feel that the services that we offer allow you to have it both ways without necessarily having to break the bank. You can go about your day as you normally do and have our maids take care of all of the cleaning needs that you have!

About Us

We know that there are different companies out there that offer similar cleaning services. With us, you’ll be able to book a cleaning service in about a minute. We’ll give you a list of different cleaning activities that we’ll be able to provide. All that you have to do is let us know how you would like us to clean your property and we can send someone over to you. You can be sure that all of the members of our team are trustworthy individuals. They go through heavy background checks in the hiring process for us to be sure that we know who we are sending over to you.   

Our Services

Our services are in essence simple. You can book cleaning services from us quickly and pick and choose exactly how you want us to clean your property and what you want us to clean. For example, if you are someone who is very concerned with the type of chemicals that are being used to clean your property we can assure you that we’ll bring along safe materials to provide a fully “green cleaning” procedure. If you need us for a one-time visit we can get that done. If you want us to help you clean your property regularly that’s in the cards as well.


Maid House Cleaning Services

If you just don’t have the time to clean your house or you don’t want to spend the free time that you do have cleaning your home our maid service can be perfect for you. We know that some folks will have their reservations about this. Particularly if they don’t necessarily know who we are sending over to their home. We can assure you though that as we mentioned all of our employees go through extensive background checks. If you want to know more about how we provide these services be sure to read through this page on the site!

Apartment Cleaning

Apartments these days come in all shapes and sizes, but particularly when it comes to small apartments some people get the sense that “it’s not worth it to book a maid service”. We completely disagree, our maid services are meant to allow you to spend your free time doing what you want to do. God knows most people don’t want to spend their free time cleaning. No matter how big or small your apartment is we can help you get it thoroughly cleaned.

Weekly Cleaning

Cleaning once a month or so is not going to ensure that the property stays clean. If you want to get a maid to clean your property on a regular basis we can have that worked out for you. If you become a regular client of ours in weekly cleaning procedures you can rest assured that you’ll get great deals on our services. Paying better prices than you would if you just call us up every so often. We could even make it so you won’t even have to call us up to get the service. We’ll send a maid over to you according to the pre-set schedule that we’ve agreed upon.

Deep Cleaning

This is one of the main differences that you are going to find between our services and what some other maid services out there offer. It just feels terrible when you book a cleaning service and when it’s done you can barely tell the difference from before you had the area “cleaned”. We offer truly deep cleaning services for flooring, upholstery, and other parts and items within your home. That way you can really feel and see what your investment is producing.

Commercial Cleaning

Got an office space or store that you want us to clean? In both instances, it makes sense to hire an external service to do your cleaning. With you won’t have to worry about sick days we are always going to send over a maid to clean your property. If you have a store or other type of business you would have to have your employees clean or do it yourself. Save time and effort by booking our services. It really is that simple.

Green Cleaning

There are essentially two options in this regard. There are folks that want us to use their own cleaning supplies when we arrive on property. That’s fine we can do that. The other option is to have us bring all of the supplies along with us. When we do that you can rest assured that your property is going to go through a truly green cleaning procedure. We only use chemicals that are not harmful to you or to the environment.

Contact Us For More Information

Are you ready to book any of our services? Give us a call or contact us so we can head over to you in a short amount of time. Both methods of communication will get you help quickly!
I use the services of On Demand Maids of Pembroke Pines and have done so for years. I’m really happy that I don’t have to clean. You have no idea how much of a relief it is for me. – Diana T.
I was a little on the fence at first with this concept. I had the idea that I would not even know who was coming into my house. I went for it though, booked a service and now I’m a regular customer! – Kevin U.
I love the green cleaning procedures that these guys have. It makes me feel safe plus, I don’t have the chemicals around the house that I need to worry about my kids ingesting. – Pam W