About Our Team

Getting a maid service isn’t something that is reserved for only the rich and famous around here. We could actually make the argument that folks that spend most of their day at work need the service much more and deserve to get some help. Basically, that thought process was what led us to create the business in the first place. Obviously, we knew that we had to build a team that would be able to clean all sorts of homes efficiently. There are certainly other factors that we had to take into account. Particularly when it came to safety. We have a very strict hiring process where we do extensive background checks on all of the potential employees. By the time that we make a hire we feel 100% comfortable allowing these people to work in homes on our behalf.

We can help you with both deep cleaning and regular cleaning procedures. You can be at home when we are getting our job done. You can also not be present and still feel safe that literally, your things are going to be there when you come back. We know that you may not be able to have that confidence in us from day one. A big part of our services though is the ability to build that level of confidence. Not only to make you feel safe but also to be able to learn how you like things done. We want to work together with you to keep your living spaces clean.