Commercial Cleaning

It’s not just homes that we are going to be able to clean. We also offer our services to companies and private business owners that could need to have their facilities. We don’t want to outright lie and say that we are able to clean every commercial facility. There are probably certain factories or other commercial facilities that we may not be able to help you with. When it comes to office space, stores, and even some restaurants though we are certainly going to be able to help you out.

Why It’s A Good Idea To Get Regular Cleaning Services From Us

Having your employees spend part of their workday cleaning can reduce their productivity and also could be something that isn’t originally in the job description. While at the same time render mixed results. Hiring an internal cleaning crew is going to be more expensive and it can increase the number of people that you have to account for as a business owner. If you hire us we are not going to be on your payroll and you won’t have to worry about our sick days or other disputes. You’ll just be sure that your property is going to be cleaned correctly and accordingly to how we previously accorded. 

Just Need Your Help For The Deep Cleaning

If you want to stick with your regular cleaning or crew or whatever other methods of cleaning you use and you just want our help for deep cleaning procedures we’ll be able to help you out as well. We can help you deep clean floors, and carpets. Also, upholstery and furniture in general that you may have on-site can be deep cleaned by our team. 

Custom Working Hours

This is something that we want to really make sure that people don’t forget what we offer. This goes for both commercial and residential services. We understand that you won’t want to have our crew there during your regular business hours so as to not disturb the daily flow of operations. A lot of times we even prefer to get a chance to work when everything is empty and has gone quiet. If you have very particular hours that you would like us to work in, we can discuss the possibility of making that happen for you. Give us a call or contact us to see if we can match your schedule.

No Need To Buy Cleaning Chemicals   

Another one of the main benefits that you’ll be able to obtain when you book our services is the fact that you won’t need to buy cleaning chemicals and materials for your company if you don’t want to. We’ll be able to bring along fully green chemicals to do the cleaning. If you want us to use some conventional cleaning chemicals like bleach and chlorine we can also provide those for you. Be sure to let us know that you want us to bring along our own equipment when you give us a call!