Maid House Cleaning Services

When people read the “on demand maids” label they tend to have a lot of questions. The number one question is typically, “Can I call you guys and have you send me a maid within 15 minutes? ”. While what we do is not quite pizza delivery fast the concept pretty much works in a similar fashion. If you need help quickly, today we can get the job done. You can give us a call and we’ll let you know when you can expect us to arrive. Within the call, we can explain to you what we can do within our cleaning services so you pick and choose what you need. Here are a couple more questions and topics that people tend to be interested in.   

How Long Does It Take You To Get To Me?

This is going to depend on the availability of staff that we could have at any given time. We like to keep a reasonable number of maids on hand to be able to cater to those “emergency” needs. We can guarantee though that we’ll have someone available. When we do we’ll usually be able to get to you within the hour though.

Can You Bring Along Cleaning Chemicals? 

Yes, this is actually something that we talk about in other parts of the site. Particularly on our green cleaning page. We are a company that is very much concerned with the type of chemicals that we use. That’s why we offer the option to have our staff bring along chemicals and things like mops, brooms, and other items to be able to get the job done. If this is something that you want to make sure that we bring along be sure to mention it when you give us a call or contact us!

Deep Cleaning On Demand

We’ve said on other parts of the site that we typically want to get a heads up about a deep cleaning service a little bit in advance. That’s true, preferably you’ll be able to give us a heads up about any of the services that you need from us. That being said, if you need a deep cleaning service for right now you can still give us a call or contact us and well scramble to find a way to get you helped. We don’t just use the name on demand maids to sound like we are with the times. We truly do provide quick on-demand services. 

Get Regular Services 

Once we are done cleaning the clock starts running and we know that the home or business is not going to stay clean for an extended period of time. That’s why it’s certainly a good idea to get regular cleaning services. If you become part of our frequent client list you would even need to call us to have one of our maids head over to your home once or even a couple times a week. Constant cleaning is the best way to keep your home clean.