Weekly Cleaning

While the on-demand label in our company name does imply that we are the type of folks that you can call and we’ll be there in no time that doesn’t mean that you can’t use our services on a regular basis. We do recommend that you think about using our services on a regular basis or getting yourself on our constant schedule. Number one, you are going to need consistent cleaning services basically regardless. If you are a long term client of ours we like to reward you with better pricing and some bonus features here and there.

How Often Can You Clean My House?

We are going to be able to clean your house as many times a week as you would need us to. Whether that be daily, bi-weekly, however you want to interpret that phrase. The number of times a week or a month that you want us to clean your house is going to completely depend on you. You can literally choose your own schedule as many workplaces want to say these days.

Vacation Home Cleaning

In this Pembroke Pines, Miramar Fl, area this is something that we get asked about quite a bit. As we mentioned our services are built to allow you to choose your own schedule. If you want one of our maids to go to the house once a week and clean it up and kind of give everything a look we can do that. If you are looking for someone to be there cleaning for folks that you’ve rented the house out this is also something that can be arranged. As with many of the “regular” services that we provide there is nothing that’s going to be completely off the table. We always feel that we can talk through different things with people. To ensure that our services can adjust to what they need. 

Schedule Your Deep Cleaning “Special Services”

For the most part, when we provide regular cleaning services for folks deep cleaning carpets and floors is naturally not something that is going to be on the menu for the day every day. Yet, as a regular client of ours, you can get great prices on our deep cleaning services. Just let us know a couple of days in advance that you are going to be requiring this service. You can get the deep cleaning done within your regular service hours or at another time if you want. 

You Won’t Even Need To Call Us Up

A big part of being a recurring client of ours is that you schedule our visits in advance. There are people who have been with us for years that have had the same cleaning service provided to them at the same time, the same number of days a week, same everything for years. Those people don’t really call us up every week. They’ll probably only call to book a deep cleaning service separate from their regular cleaning procedures.